Hi! I'm Clara T. 

I have been trying to find a way to use social media for good and create  a public place to share my passions for a while now. Mainly Katie’s Art Project, Music, and Traveling, along with becoming a physician ....

Soo my Snapchat bitmoji I deactivated a couple of years ago is back!
I was inspired my @pedsdoctalk and her use of her bitmoji on Instagram to share information as a practicing pediatrician to also do something similar myself. So in my true dorky way (aka I’ve secretly wanted to be Lizzie McGuire) I am hoping to integrate this to my Instagram documenting my medical journey and also create this blog  as a website.

I plan to 
add biweekly/monthly post as time permits to discuss

1. Advice/anecdotes to aspiring/current students in medicine
2. Sharing a perspective of medicine to those in other career/lifestyles
3. Tracking a journey balancing the multiple hats I enjoy wearing and industries I like to connect with it

4.Understanding Other Careers and their Perspectives

5. Sharing my own "clarity" about travels, music, and the nonprofit I am a part of, Katie's Art Project.

I think physicians can be judged like they are in their own bubbles unable to relate and unrelatable to other fields so I hope this page becomes a way to share to my family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers...1 perspective or my “clarity” (cough cough my name is Clara T) of what I have experienced and will continue to learn about along the way. Will I always be able to provide clarity? I’m not sure but i think achieving clarity is a process in itself and learning from other perspectives along the way. I like to do a lot of things and I want to show you that even if it’s hard you can have/explore multiple passions.

My priorities change throughout my life and some days I may be MIA, or you may notice one category being discussed more than the other! I am an aspiring physician first, and that commitment is my passion and have to give it my most time. Life is like a stack of papers, however, and it's understanding that your priorities can change each day. In the end, it is all about balance.

It's not easy, but one of my favorite quotes is "The greatest failure is the failure to try" by William Well. So let's try to look for clarity in everything we do and love! We may not always find it, but we can try. Everyone has a perspective.

Thank you for those who chose to stick around or share my page with someone who maybe inspired later! hope this can be useful, engaging, and we can make this interactive as I will still attempt to share plenty about KAP, travels, and music, (my Bitmoji only making special appearances for medicine)
I will preface that I have a tendency to take breaks from social media/online posts for my own peace of mind, but will attempt to provide consistency.

We can only understand and empathize with others in this world when we attempt to learn things from anothers’ perspective. Come join my journey on here and on Instagram.


*Bitmoji is copyright of Snapchat and I am using it for my own personal use without any endorsements

*I reflect my own views and not that of my university or employer 

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