seasons change

This song is about

The Worrier The Warrior

Even if we can’t let go

Of the summer breeze

Turning into fallin leaves


Season change

we don’t even recognize

How the cloudy skies

Wash away the mud and dirt


Branches droppin so many colors

wind in my hair with cold front coming

Frost building up

on the sides of my window

Can’t see no more


Raindrops fall hard on the rooftop

Flowers bloom with the thunder roaring

Tea in a mug

looking out of the window

don’t want to move


Green grass fresh scent of the summer

Soaking up the sun with my shades in the water

Heat moving up

Tryna look for some shelter

let’s go back home



So maybe Ill let it change me

If that’s what it’s meant to do

Seasons change for a reason

a part of us that will too



Seasons change

When we wanna stay in place

but the planted seeds

Need a little rain to grow


Season change

Often when we’re not prepared

But even icy roads

Melt under the right conditions



Growing fast

Building slow

watching time

wait to go


imperfect times



So maybe Ill let it change me

If that’s what it’s meant to do

Seasons change for a reason

a part of us that will too

Change is uneasy when you are not ready for it and when it comes out of nowhere. It happens when you don’t want it to or it’s something you have to recognize needs to happen because it’s important for growth. Seasons changing is metaphor to changes that happen as we grow up. We want things to stay the same or we want to let it go. Its not something we can pick and chose when it it happens.


Cloudy skies though gloomy wash away the mud and dirt with the rain it produces. Change is always rooted in growth and is inevitable.


For me the third year of medical school was small little tiny changes that honestly scared me excited me brought me to really low points. Not just becuase of school but also becuase of i realized I was growing up. I felt the joke of the quarter life crisis. I felt depressed, anxious, and uneasy but I wasn’t going to give up on me or anyone, yet I could tell I was isolating myself not ready to accept the changing times because I felt stuck in place while everyone was moving and drifting away from me





Rainy days make us want to sit at home but the flowers still grow and bloom under those conditions and we still find ways to enjoy the comfort of a cup of coffee in our blanket sitting in bed reading a book. Frosty mornings and our most favorite colorful fall views are usually followed by those earlymorning struggles to get the frost off of our cars as we await the winter. Summer time fun with grass finally green and the pools open is also filled with moments it gets to hot we are ready to go back to the comfort of some cool shelter .


Sometimes we may not be ready for it to happens but the truth is we are all in the process of it occurring, whether changes happens now or later it’s a part of life and a part of growth. How we choose to approach it is our own. As simple as this change was, I remember moving out of my house of 15 yrs and watch my parents











But dealing with change appropriately I think builds good character. Guess what? Its never been easy for me. Each seasons has its own ups and down and I think change is actualizing both the good and bad.


The musicality of this song is upbeat but has a lofi rhythm in the background. A little pop, a little electronic, but you can hear the acoustic strumming subtely in the background to give it a little allude of the consistent things that are aways present in our lives. I think changing times make you hold on and realize not to take for granted the consistent and appreciate the new.

We sometimes wait for time to pass, Where times are both perfect and imperfect learn to build things and grow with the changing times. 

Its okay to let things change you. Embrace the process and learn from it. Just as the seasons have its ups and downs as it changes, we do as well.



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