• Clara Thomson

Anyone Can Make a Basic Beat at Home!

I think making a beat is like putting together a puzzle! It's all about figuring out how many layers of musical elements you want, when they should be added in/out, and how they can mesh together to create the vibe of the final masterpiece you are going for.

I am still learning but this is a fun exercise! Here are my tips so far for a beginner or anyone wanting to make a simple beat!

Watch my first youtube video about it here and let me know what you think! Share it with someone who could be interested! This is an uncertain time, but I think maybe we can all pick up on new fun skills that can be accomplished at home!


You can check out my final track ( buy to remix or use and/or stream) from this beat at callmeclarity.com/music


You can download the Garage Band project file and try to remix and recreate it using the loops I used!



1. Garageband is a great beginner IOS resource. Android users have options like FL Studio. What other beat making apps do you know off?

2. Creating a beat is about adding different layers at the right time to create musical texture. It takes practice and listening to the sound overall. Mixing involves adjusting each component's dynamic, volume, EQ, reverb, echo, etc in relation to the other elements of your song/beat.

3. Count in your head to help keep a tempo as you add in each loop.

4. Transition sounds help let your listeners know to anticipate that something in the song is about to change!

5. Have fun with it! Experiment!

When you start hearing me talk about each song from my #ChasingDreams album and #Taste singles, you will realize that for me, music is almost like telling a story through the lyrics, throught the beats, through each musical layer you can convey an emotion through how everything is arranged. I have so much more respect for sound engineers and producers. Music really is a team effort but its fun learning things solo.

My project is called #Taste because I think music is a language of its own. My taste may not be your taste, and it's interesting that music can be perceived differently in many ways!

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