• Clara Thomson

Yucatán, Mexico-Chichén Itzá

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Listed below are 5 things I learned from my 1st #medicalmissions trip in 2017 working as an interprofessional team in Mexico.

Traveling can open you up to a mixture of new experiences. Make the most of your trips and better yet experience it with a group of new people together. The international trips can turn out to be the most eye opening because it exposes you to things you are not used to and sometimes we all need a little unfamiliarity to grow! ⁣

📍We took little side trips after our missions! ⁣

📸Pictured here: Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, Mexico a monument dating back to the Mayans and a symbol of the amazing man made wonders across the world.

The people in this picture (lot of wonderful people missing in this) and the groups part of these mission trips are another symbol of #teamwork themselves. ⁣

✨A travel experience with a combination of experiencing things outside of my comfort zone⁣

1. Practicing #medicine efficiently and with empathy⁣

2. Building my #faith spiritually⁣

3. Learning to combine these two... very humbling to see faith and medicine practiced side by side. ⁣

4. Thinking and vocalizing in two different languages. Speaking Spanish is a muscle that needs to be exercised for nonnative speakers. ⁣

5. Teamwork is crucial in healthcare and experiencing that in a different culture added to the challenge and reminded us all of how important it is to not take our everyday lives and simple amenities for granted.⁣


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