• Clara Thomson

Journey to Creating my own Album

One of the side projects I’ve been working on is hoping to release my own EP/album. I’ve written 7 songs (now up to 9 after social distancing) and produced the tracks myself using sample loops from a digital audio workstation called Garage Band. This is low key, personal, simple, and thus filled with imperfections but something I’m proud of getting a chance to try doing using the resources I have!

One of my insecurities these past few years with music has always been wondering if singing and putting out content for it as a hobby could be viewed as unprofessional, annoying, or just weird to my colleagues in medicine or to patients I encounter, especially knowing that I’m not the greatest at it.

But shifting perspectives and figuring out if I could write a song for someone else through Katies Art Project, I realized songwriting could be something I could do for myself as well. I’m harnessing that sentiment to do what I enjoy with the creativity of music. I started songwriting in early 2019 when I was going through lots of emotions and anxiousness with some experiences balancing school, life, friendships, relations, family, and the transitions of growing up. I gave up throughout the year but by the end of 2019 lots of creativity just sparked. Finally, sat down for several days in the hectic month of December into January, took my emotions as a distraction, and everything just somehow clicked in my mind of what I wanted from each song in terms of my vision, melody, lyrics, and messages. Hope this can be a way to share what I’ve learned from all the aspects of music making. TY to everyone who takes the time to listen to the covers I put out now and then. S/O to Tony Chachen @tonyduke and Richichi, @richichi405 two older bros in my life who have always encouraged me to keep making music for fun. And my Mom and Dad , who got me my first mic gear when I was 18. My Dad especially has/is always there to help me understand all the music tech and software and hear me babble about my hobbies. Hoping this message keeps me accountable. In the sound engineering part of putting it all together. Eventually bringing it to fruition through singles and the final EP is a goal this year! 💙#themusicClarity

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