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Little Italy- Manhattan, NYC

NYC. 5 things I’ve learned this time around for #thetravelclarity

I did another trip on top of a trip because I’m usually flying into NYC for an event but always try to make a vacay out of it.

📸 pictured here: Little Italy, NYC. 🇮🇹Audrey Hepburn Mural outside of Caffe Roma on Mulberry Street. I love the creativity of this piece.

1. NYC has so much TO SEE. We had about 13 miles of walking not even including the amount of subways and buses we took to get to all the spots we wanted to visit. We went from Coney Island, Brooklyn to Upper Manhattan and as much as we could in between. Little Italy is exactly what it sounds like, you go from Chinatown and magically enter a street full of Italian culture and food.

2. Being from the Midwest, we DRIVE everywhere. It’s something I like about the NE because everyone’s on foot. It’s pretty good considering the amount of food we ate.

3. I think I’m a suburban girl at heart but I do enjoy the diversity of a city. It’s exciting being around the hustle of crowded areas but also peaceful when you get to go back to some calm! I think that’s what why you have to travel a couple of times to really gauge what you like!

4. NY subways still confuse me so hopefully the third time around I’ll get the hang of it. The only other subway system I feel more confident in navigating is DC (Which is a much smaller scale and very few lines)

5. I do ❤️ NYC as the phrase goes...So hope to visit again.


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