• Clara Thomson

Oxford-United Kingdom

This was me at around 19! First time traveling out of country without the fam (biggie for me, since at that age I was still embracing my inner hermit and hardly could imagine leaving my state)... to England for a study abroad gig with my close friends and classmates!

📸 Pictured here: Oxford, England. 🇬🇧Looking through pictures so many memories and I feel like I’m forgetting some, so makes me want to go back!

Here’s 3 things I always remember:

1. England has a unique culture, from the fashion, food, and accents. London is a very touristy spot and has lots to see. Plus, I found out that jam can taste good with meats. They have it in most of their sandwiches. side note: Walgreens=Bootes and Lays=Walkers

2. Oxford University is beautiful! We stayed at Brasenose College. All the colleges are like walking through Hogwarts. They have 39 colleges all with their own scarves.

3. Harry Potter. I got the chance to meet Daniel Radcliffe after one of his plays during our leisure weekend. This is def my shameless go to “what’s something interesting you’ve done”. #cheers


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