• Clara Thomson

Reflecting on my Journey with a Nonprofit

Had the opportunity to attend a pretty awesome event this past week for my nonprofit @katiesartproject and here are a few things I was reflecting on...

1. These past 5 years and the transitions and growth that came with an undergrad extracurricular (MiM) to now joining the team of a nonprofit that continues to be close to my heart has been humbling and hard. Glad to invite friends who have been a part of that growth! (Min pictured here helped me start MiM when we were juniors/sophomores in undergrad at OU, 2nd picture a throwback of us at a MiM volunteer event at OU Children’s )

2. It was awesome to network with people outside of your own career path, something we should never take for granted especially in Medicine since it’s easy to get stuck in a bubble. One of the reasons I love this organization is becuase a lot of us are from so many different backgrounds and industries but we all came together for a day to support 1 cause. That level of unity is pretty awesome to me!

3. Every year since I graduated I’ve also questioned my workload and how much I can do, but one thing I’ve realized is no matter how my circumstances change throughout my life, I’ve learned a lot, I am learning now, and will continue to learn much more regardless of the outcomes. Excited and ready for what all we can do to build a movement of #creatorsofArt for our pediatric patients! It’s so easy to focus on the success of the future that sometimes you have to step back and take in all the small goals achieved! HUGE shoutout to @danceism @connectwithbs and every single person I had a chance to meet and not meet yet who share our underlying sentiment to #createWellwithothers! o!

All the money raised from this year’s [art project] sets up the rest of the year for Katie’s Art Project! Please visit katiesartproject.org to read about our current and future programming for kids! 📸: thank you @janiewillison for most of these photos!


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