• Clara Thomson

Santa Monica Beach-California

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Santa Monica Beach, California. Who doesn’t love a sunset?

5 reasons why you should visit this part of California.

I’ve always wanted to get into photography and editing. I think the use of filters and knowing how to tweak the rights hues, contrast, colors, etc etc is a fun skill to master. But sometimes your pictures don’t need filters, and this was one I took in 2017.

📸Pictured here: Santa Monica Beach from the pier. I stood here for at least half an hour and watched the sunset and it was amazing. #thetravelclarity

1. #SantaMonicaPier is packed with people. There is a small amusement park (Pacific Park), street vendors, and lots of food.

2. This was my first time at the beach and my dog’s first time. If you know me well, you know my dog is like my child so that was a milestone :) This beach is on the bigger side but it wasn’t too dirty for me and becuase of its size you can usually find a place to sit on your own.

3. The Ferris wheel is pretty famous and while I’m not one to get on the rides alone, overall it’s a great place to visit with your family. I was with my parents, sister, and grandma! Fun Fact: the Ferris Wheel in OKC’s Wheeler District was actually from Santa Monica Pier, and the story goes we won it in a Ebay auction!!

4. The sunset can be viewed from multiple spots. This shot is from the pier looking at the less crowded side of the beach. You can also visit the opposite side and get a good view of the Ferris wheel and the sunset.

5. In my opinion, the best time to visit this beach is an hour or so before sunset so you can explore and walk around and then get a good view. I was here in July 2017. California is hot, but the weather was just right here. I would also highly recommend staying until the Ferris wheel lights up! I didn’t get to but I’ve heard it’s a great nighttime view!


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