• Clara Thomson

Sunset Reflections #1

Oklahoma sunsets are 😍 and writing reflections are nice too. Here are some lessons I’ve learned this past year (2018...

and still learning)

“I love that this morning's sunrise does not define itself by last night's sunset”

Steve Maraboli

Interesting how pictures can evoke different emotions! I think sunsets and sunrises bring out emotions of self-reflection .

1. Be okay with Uncertainty. When you don’t know where things are headed go with the flow, because you never know when something can turn into exactly what you wanted, possibly in a new light.

2. Embrace the “suck”. Not all of your goals will work out, but be proud of the ones that do succeed even if minuscule to your ultimate vision.

3. If you can’t explain it well, you don’t understand it. Find out why. Maybe you are overthinking it or maybe you need a new perspective.

4. Learn new things everyday even if it doesn’t apply to your career.

5. Find people who teach you and take the time to explain your questions and widen your perspective. Always be appreciative of those people.

6. Find mentors and be a mentor to those around you.

7. It’s okay to change. There’s a difference between people who bring out your weaknesses or bad habits to put you down and those that do this to make you want to be the best version of yourself. Keep the latter close by.

8. Take a break when you feel like you are not operating as efficiently as you normally do. Multitasking isn’t always the right answer. Devote time to each activity separately rather than doing everything at once.

9. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t understand why you are passionate about something. Learn to be more confident in your aspirations. Hopeful thinking is good if combined with being optimistic and realistic. I care a lot about things,people,ideas but this passion and over-ambition has always been what makes me fight harder. There has to be a balance.

10. Empathize with people everyday. We grow by the perspectives people offer us and we can’t gain these perspectives unless we ask questions and stop making assumptions.


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