• Clara Thomson

The Bean-Chicago

First time visiting the Bean #thetravelclarity. 5 impressions of Chi-Town below. Getting into a good habit of mixing work/side projects and making a mini vacay out of it even for 2 hours. Got to make the most of your time right?

Pictured Here 📸: The Bean at Cloud Gate in Millenium Park.

1. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been back to Chicago and have never visited any of the famous tourist spots in the past. (My family and I actually lived in Chicago for a year when I was around 6! Don’t remember much from that time!)

2. The Bean is such a unique spot and the Chicago Riverwalk is gorgeous. I love the vibe of downtown! It’s not too crowded but still has so much to do! My favorite kinda of places. I think Millenium Park is a nice place to sit down and chill if you’ve been walking around a lot. This spot is a great one with a scenic view.

3. The weather was beautiful. (Unfortunately I usually bring rain with me and the next day was stormy with cancelled flights) Over 1110 cancelled flights. First time experiencing cancelled flights! But United took care of it for me! (Always set up text notifications w/ them)🙌🏽

4. Cancelled flights led to time for Giordona’s Pizza. Which is an absolute must. I actually think I prefer Chicago Pizza to NY pizza 🙊

5. There’s a lot more to see.. I know...and I didn’t get to see all my friends here.. so will be back!


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