• Clara Thomson

Writing and Recording my First Original Song “Strong Like Me” as a Medical Student.

In March of 2017, through the formerly known nonprofit Music is Medicine, I was paired with a sweet pediatric patient with ALL named Charlie. I wrote a song for him, inspired by him and his love of wolves! I got the chance to record it @_likeminds_ studios with some amazing peeps in NYC through our awesome new partnership @katiesartproject! They transformed my song into something special! This is much outside my comfort zone but are moments forever close to my heart! I took Step 1 and then literally had an epic NE vacation for the first time by myself! On the agenda, meeting KAP crew officially and rexording a song! I stayed pretty low key about it with everyone because I didn’t want to jinx it.

I have seen cancer make an impact on some of my closet friends and their families these past few years. Sometimes the strength and resilience of those diagnosed has a way of spreading to everyone around them even on the toughest days and it‘s the renewed perspective and outlook during adversities that can make a valuable difference. He told me in his first skype interview with me that “wolves..would probably be strong like me” (see video) Did I mention he’s cancer free right now? ❤️ You can check out the break down of the lyrics here on my website.

#stronglikeme would not have been possible w/o working with some of the coolest peeps I’ve met! My dope producers @derik_lee @sopergram @_likeminds_ ft @izzythedeafpittie

And TY to my inspirations @danceism the founder of @katiesartproject and the whole KAP team @brandonrschneider and Leora the founder of MiM for being my role models!

@janiewillison for capturing a beautiful video and photos

@keatonjadwin for the amazing album artwork

@grantaguitar for surprising Charlie with a guitar! 🙏🏽 So happy to be a part of this team of truly passionate folks! #spreadtheART #musicismedicine

The official video and lyrics video can also be viewed on the Katie’s Art Project YouTube channel.

This experience made me realize that maybe I can have multiple passions. I never knew I could write a song for anyone. But I did it...and during medical school becuase I prioritized what I wanted and dreamed of. Is the balancing act easy. NO. Just got to remind yourself, you get things done only when you put your mind to It and look for opportunities genuinely. It may not happens instantly but if you don’t let your dreams go you will find a way to make it work.

It’s been amazing being a part of this organization and connecting Music and Medicine and Leadership. Read more about my KAP journey in that Blog category and see how my role has revolved as the Campus Chapter Director for Katies Art Project. have a question about my experience? let me know!


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